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Meet Our Dentists

Dr Nick Mehta, Dentist

Dr Nikhil Mehta (Dentist)

Dr Nikhil joined Artarmon Dentists after beginning his career in Bowral and Camden, after which he decided to move to Artarmon and start his family.

Dr Nikhil loves working with patients seeking all kinds of care, and has a particular interest in endodontics and orthodontics as well as general and children’s dentistry. Dr Nikhil is currently receiving further training under the acclaimed Dr Mahoney in relation to orthodontics—he’ll obtain his postgraduate diploma in February 2020. He’s currently an accredited Invisalign and Clear Correct Provider.

If you’re having sleep troubles, he can also evaluate your needs to see if an oral device may be helpful for you.

One thing his patients always tell him is that he gives “painless injections.”

Outside of the Practice

Dr Nikhil’s love of travelling is what got him to Australia, and he continues to visit other countries around the world when he’s able. He’s done plenty of volunteer work overseas involving density and looks forward to embarking on his next quest soon.

Dr Nikhil is also a passionate pianist, recently having begun taking lessons alongside his daughter.

Dr Radhika Bhatla, Dentist

Dr Radhika Bhatla (Dentist)

Dr Radhika is a graduate of a prestigious Indian University DBCH, obtaining her degree in 2003 as one of the top students in her class. Dr Radhika came to Australia following her love of travel, and she couldn’t be happier to have found a home with Artarmon Dentists.

Dr Radhika is known for her warm and caring demeanour and putting patients first when it comes to their needs. She is skilled in the performance of complicated root treatments and places an incredible focus on bringing patients a pain-free, pleasant experience.

Though she has a unique interest in Endodontics and restorative dental treatments, she hopes to further her education in orthodontics in the future. Her ultimate goal is to provide patients with the best possible service.

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Our entire team looks forward to welcoming you and your family to our practice. If you’d like to get started, feel free to contact us today to book your visit. We can’t wait to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.


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