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How to Find the Best Dentist in Your Area

Dental health is a vital part of your overall health and wellbeing, so it’s important for everyone to have a trusted dental practice to attend on a regular basis as well as in the case of a dental emergency. If you are new to an area or simply trying to find the best dentist for…

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Taking Your Child to the Dentist for the First Time

A visit to the dentist can be a nerve inducing experience for both parent and child and it is something that many parents put off either because they aren’t sure when their child should visit or are nervous about how their small child will react in the dentist chair. Establishing a good relationship between child…

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Risk Mitigation in Dentistry on the North Shore

Holistic health care in the 21st century, for all its advances, still puts a great deal of import on the habits and self-care of the patient. There are no magic pills, quick fixes, or potions; typically, those that encourage such cures are attempting to sell little more than snake oil. As dentists for Sydney’s North…

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Childrens Dentist Chatswood West

(While breastfeeding is important to a child’s health, it is not always possible. In such cases, your paediatrician and dentist can formulate a plan to avoid any potential problems developing due to alternate feeding methods. Email us directly to find out more.) There are a number of cases where breastfeeding is impossible. Some babies refuse…

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Cerec Crowns – Crowns With High Durability

Cerec Crown Machine in the surgery at Artarmon Dentists

Crowns have traditionally been used for over 75yrs to restore broken down tooth structure to provide stability and resistance to decay. Material of choice has been Gold, Co-Cr metal, Porcelain with metal backing and pure porcelain. The procedure involved preparing the tooth at the first appointment with an impression or mould made followed by 2-3…

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Geriatric Dentistry – Dental Health for the Aged

Older lady talking with a nurse

Ageing and necessity for dental treatments go hand in hand. Human body in its ageing process causes effects on various parts of our body, from wrinkles to weakness, it is a natural course! As this process continues, our body loses the strength to do the regular activities and teeth and gum are not spared from…

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Sedation Dentistry – Have a Stress-Free Dental Treatment

Woman afraid at the dentist

The dental phobia is like a nightmare for several of us who are afraid of getting our teeth drilled, cleaned and plastered. We develop nervousness thinking about this and avoid taking necessary measures. Artarmon Dentists provide sedation dentistry therapies to help their patients undergo treatments without pain. The doctors are prepared to deal with their…

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Sleep Apnoea – Realize the risks when you are awake!

Snoring man with annoyed wife

Sleep apnoea happens when you literally stop breathing when you are asleep. There are two places where the air circulation is controlled, nose and mouth. There is a possible scenario where fat could get stored in the tissue behind the tongue, which leads to obstructive sleep apnea. Generally, when you to sleep, your muscles go…

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Dental Health – How your face becomes attractive?

blonde girl smiling

It is an express approval when a person admires us. They silently touch upon our attractiveness. Isn’t nice to know that somebody is in awe of our face and good looks? Why not? It is. In detail, there is a research long-established by scientists if a person fixes their eyes on a face for 10…

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