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Teeth Whitening

About Teeth Whitening

Having whiter teeth is a fashionable trend over recent decades and helps you to have a more youthful, fun and energetic appearance.

Generally the way teeth whitening works is by removing surface stains that are embedded on the tooth surface, and also chemically changing the surface layers of the teeth themselves so that they reflect light in a slightly different way - giving them the appearance of being 'whiter'.

Professional whitening done in-chair at Artarmon Dentists provides a controlled environment and is much safer and more effective than regular take-home kits that you may purchase in a store.

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About Take-Home Kits

For Teeth Whitening in Artarmon we recommend a combination of two solutions. A professional treatment in the chair, as well as a home-maintenance kit.

Take-home kits that you purchase from the supermarket or pharmacy have lower concentrations of the whitening agent so it's always a good idea to purchase ones from your dentist that are recommended for your teeth.

We offer Poladay and Polanight kits which allow you to keep your teeth whiter for much longer after your initial appointment and are comfortable and easy to use at home.

Home Whitening Kits Artarmon Sydney

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About Teeth Whitening

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