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Gum Disease

About Gum Health

Do you ever experience bleeding gums? Gum Disease is surprisingly common.  About 80% experience some form of gum problems during their lifetime. When infection spreads from the tooth surface down to the gumline and below - inflammation and the body's defence response causes significant changes which can result in gum damage, tooth loss and even cause heart problems!

So maintaining good gum health is a very high priority!

Bleeding Gums?

If your elbow was bleeding from simply putting on a t-shirt - you would be concerned wouldn't you? Likewise - gums should not bleed from brushing or flossing! Book a consultation!

About The Treatment

Gum disease starts with plaque - a bacterial layer that grows over your teeth and gums.  The body sees this as a dangerous contaminant and tries to fight it with inflammation.  Eventually however, this inflammation can damage your own gums and bone which can eventually result in complete loss of teeth.  Recent studies also how this type of infection can be a contributor to heart conditions and other health issues in other parts of the body.



When bacteria are not brushed properly off the gumline, they start to irritate the gum and cause inflammation.  This inflammation and infection causes increased blood and a bit of tenderness, pain and often the first sign is bleeding when brushing and flossing.

This stage is known as Gingivitis and is one of the most common oral health diseases in the world.

By proper brushing technique and regular review and maintenance - this condition is reversible.  Our dentists at Artarmon Dentists will show you what you can do and special techniques for cleaning out bacteria correctly.


As gingivitis is left to progress it becomes so advanced that it starts destroying the structures around the teeth! Once gum disease has progressed to this point it is known as Periodontitis and it progressively gets worse the longer it is left.

Hormones and proteins found in inflammation are intended to destroy bacteria and harmful contaminants. The body is trying to fight off the bacteria that are on the tooth and in the gums. However this unfortunately has a collateral damage effect.

Artarmon Dentists know this condition and will develop a full cleaning process designed to remove all causes of the periodontitis and help you manage it so eventually your bone and gums can heal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
About Gum Disease

Book a Consultation

If you want to make sure you are not at risk of gum disease then book in for a quick consultation!

Book A Consultation

If you want to make sure you are not at risk of gum disease then book in for a quick consultation!

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