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General Dentistry

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What Is General Dentistry?

We want to make sure you get the most out of every appointment with us and that your teeth stay healthy with you for life.  After all, you've only got one set!

General Dental procedures involve taking care of your teeth and your body. We at Artarmon Dentists approach this with a preventative focus which will save you money and your teeth in the long run.

We have a wide range of the general dental procedures - some of them are indicated below.

If you don't see anything specifically then get in touch as we still offer it!


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The Different Types of General Dentistry

We prefer preventing problems.  It means treatment is easier, cheaper, pain free and longer lasting.  To do this we encourage regular checkups to allow us diagnosis and monitoring.

Our general dentistry procedures will help you get your teeth to a healthy state and maintain it.

Checkups & Prevention

Find out about our preventative focus and how we approach your checkup

Gum Disease Treatment

Learn about gum diseases and why it is so important to treat them.

Dental Fillings

Sore or decayed tooth? Our fillings will remove the problem in comfort!

Root Canal Treatment

You've only got one set of teeth. Root Canal Treatments let you keep them!

Dental Implants

One of the most natural & longest lasting ways to replace a tooth

Dentures & Prosthetics

Dentures or prosthetics are a great way to replace several missing teeth.

General Dentistry
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Prevention is always better than a cure.  But we can do both!
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