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Dental Fillings

About Fillings

Dental Fillings are necessary because unfortunately, the only tissue in the human body which cannot heal itself is tooth.  This poses a problem because your teeth are exposed to heavy wear and tear. Scientists and Dentists have come up with several material replacements for tooth over the years, and they're now better than ever!

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The colour of your filling

Modern materials for fillings have made huge strides in terms of aesthetic similarity to your real teeth.  Now days you can barely tell it is a filling! However there are a couple of different choices to make and our friendly dentists will go through them with you.

Case study for amalgam replacement

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite is a modern filling material which is colour matched to your tooth and placed in layers.  Each layer is cured with a special UV light which hardens it and bonds it strongly to your existing tooth structure. Finally it is shaped and sculpted to the shape of your real tooth anatomy.

Composite fillings are great for small aesthetic blemishes on your teeth, or fixing small fillings.

Porcelain Fillings

At Artarmon Dentists we have some of the latest, and coolest, new technologies. We can now take a 3D model scan of your tooth using a special laser and then create a ceramic porcelain filling from it.

It is then fitted firmly in place with some amazing bonding materials and restores your tooth's functionality and appearance.

These fillings are extremely strong and produce a great looking result.

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About Dental Fillings

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