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Crowns & Bridges

About Crowns

Artarmon Dentists are leaders in new technology and we LOVE some of the new stuff that comes out.  In recent years the biggest advancements have been made with crowns.

A Crown is basically a tooth shaped & coloured look alike 'cap' that gets places over an old, broken down or tooth with aesthetic defect. They're a great way to restore strength and function to that tooth.

Previously, the dentist would use impression materials to take an imprint of your tooth and then send it to a lab to make up into a crown.  The process could take several days.  Now with our new technology we can take a 3D Digital Scan of your tooth directly into a computer! From there we can actually mill and print a tooth using a CEREC machine. The process only takes minutes and can technically be done in the same appointment!

So much more convenient and produces a great aesthetic result.

About Bridges

Like their name-sake A dental bridge spans between two supporting teeth to fill a gap of several missing teeth.
These supporting teeth are usually secured with a crown and are a good option, especially for aesthetics if a few teeth are missing.

Bridges can be made from a variety of materials all of which have different performance results and when you come in for your appointment at Artarmon Dentists we will go through the best options with you.


Dental bridge on a tooth model

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About Crowns & Bridges

Need A Crown or Bridge?

We have some of the latest technology and can even make your crown or bridge in a single visit! Super convenient and a super great result.

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