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Checkups & Prevention

Looking After Your Pearly Whites

The majority of dental conditions are preventable and we employ this concept in our treatment plans.

The first step of the journey is your checkup or exam. We strongly encourage a checkup every six months.

It allows us to identify problems before they become serious and evolve into expensive life-long maintenance dental conditions.

During your examination appointment we may also be able to help you with hygiene scales and cleans. Diagnostic x-rays and fillings but it will always depend on your own individual requirements. Get in touch & make an appointment for a checkup today.


In Pain?

We have Same-day pain relief appointments just for you. Get in touch and we'll look after you.

Prevention IS The Cure

Artarmon Dentists perform a comprehensive dental examination for you which checks each tooth and all your gums for any signs of issues.  We ensure there are no conditions with your bite and your jaw muscles and take x-rays or scans depending on your needs.

This comprehensive approach allows us to identify issues as soon as they start to arise and in many cases you can completely avoid dental treatment with proper care and attention.  That is why we consider preventative dentistry as the cure for dental conditions and we strongly emphasise it in our planning.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
About Checkups

Need A Checkup?

We recommend a Checkup every 6 months purely for the preventative benefits with dental health. Get in touch to find out when you can come in next!

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