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Sedation Dentistry – Have a Stress-Free Dental Treatment

The dental phobia is like a nightmare for several of us who are afraid of getting our teeth drilled, cleaned and plastered. We develop nervousness thinking about this and avoid taking necessary measures.

Artarmon Dentists provide sedation dentistry therapies to help their patients undergo treatments without pain. The doctors are prepared to deal with their patients’ fear at every stage of the treatment.

Talking about the procedure of sleep dentistry and its effects; at the onset Sedation Dentistry otherwise called as Sleep Dentistry is used to provide a stress-free dental treatment for patients who suffer from anxiety in attending dental treatment. The patients are assured that they can be free from their fear and have a totally relaxed treatment with no memory of the procedure afterwards.

Sleep-inducing medicines are injected into the blood stream before beginning with the treatment procedures by a qualified anesthetist who monitors all vital signs during the procedure. The patients tend to feel as if they have slept throughout the entire treatment and it is surprising that even the slightest pain could not be felt during the process.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

When speaking of Oral Sedation Dentistry, it retains a level of consciousness of the patient as a safety measure. It does not require injections like other anesthetics. Patients who prefer to use “no-needle” medication can be drifted into light sleep by inhaling nitrous oxide. Though there are other tranquilizers, ‘Happy Gas’ as it’s often called, is the method of choice.

Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

    • Some of the benefits of sleep dentistry are that the patients feel the treatment lasted for hardly few minutes which actually took hours.
    • Complicated dental procedures can be performed without much effort and anxiety.
    • Most patients can choose to undergo treatment under sedation without risk of any major complication.

With all these benefits, sleep dentistry is one which every patient who has a problem with meeting their dental needs because of fear should try. It is certainly safe and fruitful.