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Risk Mitigation in Dentistry on the North Shore

Holistic health care in the 21st century, for all its advances, still puts a great deal of import on the habits and self-care of the patient. There are no magic pills, quick fixes, or potions; typically, those that encourage such cures are attempting to sell little more than snake oil. As dentists for Sydney’s North Shore, we are obliged to encourage our patients to take some level of responsibility for their oral health, to ensure they remain in good shape.

Risk control in dentistry must take note of an enormous variety of ailments particular to both procedures, and to patients. This can run the gamut from basic hygiene habits and chewing techniques, to more complicated medical issues, such as glycemic control and diabetes. It pays to grasp the broader health of an individual in order to develop a tailored plan for dental health – one of the reasons why possessing a local touch, such as ours, offers such an advantage.

One example is the prevalence of peri-implantitis among smokers. This ailment, which affects the hard and soft tissues surrounding a dental implant, is far more common among those who smoke. Sugar-heavy diets, along with the often-accompanying glycemic control problems and diabetes, have their own impacts upon the well-being of your teeth. Any of these ailments can also impact your overall health, which in turn impacts upon recovery times from oral surgery.

Recent research has incorporated the human genome project in to diagnostics for risk mitigation among patients of all stripes. In a recent case, severe periodontitis was linked to a certain piece of genetic code, which exaggerated the effects of the ailment. In the future, it is thought that identifying this genetic switch could aid dentists in providing support that could take in to account the risk factors inherent to these patients.

As your family dentist on the North Shore, we keep abreast of current research to offer the finest care possible. Visit our office to find out for yourself!