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Painless Dentistry

It's no secret, and we don't try to hide the fact, that dentistry can be scary for some.
Anxiety has scientifically been proven to actually increase the feeling of pain.

Its now the 21st century, and Dentistry has made huge strides over the last decade in prioritising patient comfort and patient experience.

We at Artarmon Dentists are some of the leaders in adopting these new techniques and prioritise your comfort and your experience.

So come join us in a comfortable, safe and trusting environment and experience pain-free dentistry.

The Tools

Psychology is one of the biggest players when it comes to anxiety, so our dentists are trustworthy and relaxed which plays a huge role in your comfort and experience.

To compliment this, we also have new technologies on hand which can further our goal of pain-free dentistry.

Gas Relaxation

Nitrous oxide gas takes about 10 minutes in addition to your regular appointment and provides anxiety reduction and a feeling of calmness.  It's non-drowsy and doesn't last long after so you can continue your day without any hassles.

Smiling woman saying 'OK'

Pre-Appointment Medication

In some cases your dentist may give you the option for anxiety medication prior to the appointment. These tablets can help you feel relaxed for your appointment thus significantly reducing the likelyhood of experiencing pain and painful symptoms.

Woman smiling with a blue pill

IV Sedation

Artarmon Dentists are registered and trained providers for IV sedation techniques. This technique is usually reserved for special patients who would otherwise be unable to be treated. We offer it in house Instead of having to get on a hospital waiting list.

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Think We Can Help You?

With our kind and gentle touch, and our modern comfortable facilities, you'll experience what modern dentistry is all about and you'll feel right at home.  Get in touch today.

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