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Join Us for Invisalign® Open Day on 5 August!

Do you wish you had a beautifully aligned smile,
but don’t like the thought of wearing braces?

If yes, we invite you to attend our Invisalign Open Day on 5 August.

This all-day event starts at 8:30am.

Providing Personalised Bookings

Throughout the day, we are offering individual bookings by appointment to provide a highly personalised and tailored approach. We will be providing 45-minute appointment slots.

Each appointment will include the following:

  • Scans
  • Photographs
  • ClinCheck where video simulation allows you to see the before and after of treatment.

We also will provide you with a full cost analysis. The fee is $50 per booking, with the cost redeemable should you decide to go ahead with treatment.


Get a Complimentary Gift Bag

You also will receive a complimentary gift bag that includes information about Invisalign and some beautiful surprises inside! These gifts will help you enjoy a brighter, whiter smile!

Our Commitment to Keeping You Safe

Please note that every precaution is being taken in line with Government and healthcare advice during COVID.

Take the first step towards
achieving the straight and
stunning smile you’ve always wanted.

woman being fitted with invisalign alignersComplete the form below to request your preferred appointment time and one of our friendly staff will contact you to book you in!