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Geriatric Dentistry – Dental Health for the Aged

Ageing and necessity for dental treatments go hand in hand. Human body in its ageing process causes effects on various parts of our body, from wrinkles to weakness, it is a natural course! As this process continues, our body loses the strength to do the regular activities and teeth and gum are not spared from these effects.

What happens to the teeth as you age?

  • The nerves in the teeth become smaller and less sensitive.
  • Causes stains on teeth.
  • Teeth become brittle so they chip and crack when biting hard objects.
  • The acid produced by eating food and sweetened drinks erodes the enamel leading to cavities.
  • More prevalence of gum disease due to poorer plaque control.

Why Geriatric Dentistry?

An enhanced lifestyle is expected by all of us in our old age; perhaps dental procedures have stretched its end to serve patients of medical ailments irrespective of their age. Various specialised restorative treatments are now offered, like Implants (supporting teeth or dentures), Single visit crowns and Root therapies and We at Artarmon Dentists specialise in geriatric dentistry to serve them. The ideal treatment plan by our dentists for the elderly is focused on every problem, options either ideal or alternative are included in this plan. The stages of the treatment encompass the emergency care, maintenance and supervision to enhance oral health and the rehabilitation period where restorative dental treatments are done.

Furthermore, from learning the details of ageing on the dental health, additional measures should be taken to prevent worse effects. As we age, dexterity in our ability to look after our teeth becomes a major concern. Regular maintenance and personalised brushing and hygiene techniques are most important to maintain the longevity of teeth and restorations.

Poor dental health has been known to be linked to other chronic ailments like heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and the like.

Along these lines, the significance of geriatric dentistry should be recognised and embraced but with the knowledge, that solutions are available and don’t necessary need to cost a lot!