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Cerec Crowns – Crowns With High Durability

Crowns have traditionally been used for over 75yrs to restore broken down tooth structure to provide stability and resistance to decay. Material of choice has been Gold, Co-Cr metal, Porcelain with metal backing and pure porcelain.

The procedure involved preparing the tooth at the first appointment with an impression or mould made followed by 2-3 weeks of having a temporary crown placed. After the lab fabricated the final crown, it was fitted into the mouth at the end of the waiting period.

Advancement in technology and materials has led to fixing crowns becoming a simpler process. Metals have been replaced with all Porcelain crowns which are more conservative and with the use of 3D scanners, can be finalised in a single visit!

Cerec Machine

We, at Artarmon Dentists, use the cerec machine which presents the patient’s tooth in the form of 3D digital models. With this, the ceramic restoration could be designed with the utmost precision, milled in a few minutes and attached to the tooth.

Patients are also able to view the process as its being carried for a better understanding of the need and expectations

Advantages of Cerec Crown Restorations

  • Permanence – It has high durability like normal crowns.
  • Superior Aesthetics.
  • It protects the left over tooth from further damage.
  • No need for multiple sessions and need for multiple needles for anaesthesia.

Cerec crowns are becoming an increasingly popular choice due to the comfort and ease of the procedure and we are proud to be able to deliver the technology to our patients.